The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Voice-Over Guidebook

This voice is for hire. In fact, all actors’ voices are for hire–or should be. Voice-overs offer a great opportunity for actors to get extra work, even full-time work. Author Randy Thomas is America’s most recognizable female voice announcer — she even announces the national television broadcast of the Academy Awards!

Author Peter Rofé is New York City’s top voice-over coach–he teaches actors to sell their voices for every possible voice-over purpose. Together they explore all the ins and outs of this exciting and lucrative field: auditioning, making demos, training, marketing, script interpretation, animation, radio, promos, narration, live announcing, and more. Want to get your mouth in the door and keep it inside once it’s there? Sure you do. If your voice is for hire, you need Voice for Hire.

Written by Randy Thomas & Peter Rofé
Foreword by Don La Fontaine



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